Mournlands Adventures

DnD Online the testening.

The party starts their adventure in the Brass Sword Meadhall in a room they Rented in Heliogabalus.

After some discussion they decide to meet with the person who is running the war for King Gareth Dragons Bane.

Convinced Sir Johnlaf Vingard that they should inspect the military. Went to each fort and gathered info on each of the leadership. They party learned the weaknesses of the army and each general. Reported to Sir Johnlaf Vingard, Master of War on the parties findings.

The group decides to assault the fortress that contains the clerical support and Calvary. The general was killed along with everyone else in the fortress.

The Fetch Quest goes boom
or my new life on a Desert planet...

The party watched shira disappear mostly unsure where she went other than to someplace in Eberron. With no other immediate distractions before them they set out to collect the rest of the forges to make sure that the Lord of Blades does not get their hands on them.

They retrieved the first from the frozen south of Xen’drick. As they nearly completed the opening of the forged they were assaulted by a rhemoraz(sp?). The beast slipped into the plane with the creation forge and the party flew in to engage it and move the forge into place. The creature was quickly dispatched and the forged was moved.

After a short flight the team moved to the volcanic range of Xen’drick where through sheer luck they opened up the secret volcanic storehouse for the first forge. They anchored a chain to the side of an airship and lowered it into the volcano. Dazzle used some lknowledge about ropes to tie the chain around the forge while swhishgar re-enforced the airship. Dazzle then promptly opened a portal below the forge and it was dropped into the demi-plane.

The group headed to the next volcanic forge and after failing at the same type of opening they noticed a large gap in the side of the volcano. They noticed this was was suspended in reverse and seemed to have some sort of magical anchoring along with physical anchors. Dazzle sacrificed a Kobold to the forge and awakened its ancient powers. After realizing that there was no way they could use the forge at this time they moved the forge into the plane and after a few moments the portal closed.

Perplexed the group reopened the portal and noticed the world inside spinning, unsure what to do they returned to Guess and asked for his advice. He said he needed to inspect the machines more closely if they wanted an answer.

When they reopened the portal the world inside was spinning faster than it was before. Guess moved the airship inside where the spinning accelerated beyond a dizzying blur. Then everything in the world when black and everyone felt a sharp jab of pain.

Those that attended game saw the following view and know what transpired after that.

Those that missed game wake up to the following scene on the Airship with Guess who is doing repairs on the airship, with a massive head ache you arise from your coma and dreams of burning. Jimmy, Kat, and Ryan’s characters are missing along with the kobolds.

The Adventure so far
their own little puddle in space and time

The group has found Guide’s secret home away from home. They have also moved one of the creation forged from Eberron to the pocket dimension for safe keeping and possibly for future use. It was left unclear if the forge still works to any capacity.

The Lord of Blades has currently slipped the parties grasp but it is obvious that he is searching for a new base of operations at one of the ancient defunct forges. It is unclear if he has guards at other locations or not or even if they are still there. All that is clear is that the Lord of Blades is still looking to forge a new army in his vision.



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